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Ex Machina - Screens and SchematicsInfo

Territory were approached by Ex Machina’s Art department to design a series of credible ‘near future’ interface designs and schematics.

With a brief to draw on current trends in OS design and programming, we created an operating system for the multi billionaire genius programmer who designed the AI. Territory’s team referenced modernist, functional and minimalist design, reflective of the clean cinematic and narrative style. A challenge when creating the OS designs was to reflect the logical and pure AI mindset, in contrast to the potentially complex and cluttered environment of human emotions.

In addition, using designs from the art department and rough models from VFX house Dneg, we created a detailed series of technical schematics of the AI’s humanoid skeleton. These complex diagrams were printed and used as engineering drawings on set, to help create a convincing technical construction studio environment.

Production Credits
Director: Alex Garland
Production Designer: Mark Digby
Graphic Designer: Andrew Tapper

Territory Credits
Creative Director: David Sheldon-Hicks
Producer: Kelly Woodward
UI screens: Peter Eszenyi, Marti Romances, Yugen Blake, David Penn
Schematics: Peter Eszenyi


Phone Programming:
Syd Lawrence

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